Zarazua Painting’s scope of work for the exterior of this project included lead paint removal this method is usually only done on the siding for the trim. (We usually just hand scrape.) We completely covered the ground, landscaping, walkways, decks, windows and doors with canvas drop cloths and 6 mil plastic. Following The EPA’s RRP rules, we carefully removed all loose/alligatored/cracked paint using paint shavers, other tools and paint strippers as necessary. All sanding and shaving was done using a vacuum attachment with a shroud at all times. Zarazua Painting is highly skilled at repairing and replacing all rotted wood including soffit, fascia, rake boards, window casing, sills and jambs, columns, spindles and any compromised exterior wood details we can custom make just about anything.

We also have extensive experience repairing and refinishing porch floors. Once the lead paint is removed and the rotted wood is repaired or replaced we lightly and carefully pressure wash the exterior with mild, diluted bleach to remove any mold, dirt or oxidation. We then prime the siding and trim using slow dry oil-base primer. We then sand AGAIN. We then caulk all cracks and joints with Premium Maxflex Urethanized Elastomeric caulk/sealant, We also reglaze the windows where needed. The final steps are to paint the siding and trim shutters ect. with two coats of Sherwin Williams premium paints we usually spray/brush our first coat on the siding and the second coat we hand brush to ensure that we get at least a minimum of 3-4 mils and to have a uniform look. We then very carefully face paint or French style hand paint all the trim, windows, soffits, fascia boards corner boards, freeze boards ect. Finally we clean the windows with Windex and paper towels to leave the house looking better then ever!!

Before Zarazua

After Zarazua


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